According to the content of this tumblr, I am interested in cats and girls. Also, I like stalking my friends and being on the internet all day, apparently. Guess, we'll find out what's next.
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phallic symbolism
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phallic symbolism

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Why cant this be me


⭐️pink dreams girl gang🌙 @whatevernbd @macy_daisy @bugoboo @jackedfashion  📷: @marinafini


⭐️pink dreams girl gang🌙 @whatevernbd @macy_daisy @bugoboo @jackedfashion
📷: @marinafini


The color difference  between my phone’s inner and outer cam is funny.

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I’m so sick of seeing this post all over the damn place. Honestly this white woman looks almost exactly the same in every example and notice the thing that is constant between almost of them: her whiteness and Euro centric features.

Honestly all this shows is not some “massive variation in beauty standards” across the globe but the by and large HOMOGENOUS reality of white supremacy and the deification of white womanhood as the standard of beauty. This exists everywhere: from Africa to SE Asia; and it is just so blatantly apparent in this photo series. If you can ship your photo to dozens of different countries and the most people can do is adorn you with some “paint” or fluttery eye lashes, then I think there is something more going on than meets the eye.

Maybe this little thing called white supremacy.

Show me this same experiment with a dark skinned black woman or other WOC and watch skin tones be swapped, features be bludgeoned and more. White supremacy and the global exaltation of white womanhood as the standard of beauty in most countries is the massive elephant in the room in this “experiment” and the more I see this post circulating, the more bored I become with bland, myopic white “analyses” of beauty standards which do nothing to detangle their incredible amounts of privilege.



La petite mort, a french idiom for orgasm but literally meaning the little death. Limited edition Rad Breath petite mort pins for four dollars or two for six. Pins measure an inch and a half each and come in either purple or beige. If you’re interested in a bulk order shoot me a message!


it’s very important that i am both cute and powerful



I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK (2006) - Directed by Chan-wook Park

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